samedi 29 mars 2008

My lovely walls!

This is what my walls look like in my 'so called' finished craft room. The decorator (who luckily hasn't been paid yet) is coming next week to have a look and decide what to do. I think they've painted it before the glue under the paper has had time to dry or they've used the wrong glue. This is the first time we've paid someone to decorate and it will probably be the last! It's so frustrating, especially as we have visitors arriving on the 10th April who may need to use the room. We'll see what next week brings!

5 commentaires:

les bijoux de Julie a dit…

J'espère pour toi qu'ils vont refaire la pièce complètement !
Tu peux aller sur mon blog pour voir si le porte-clef que j'ai fait pour toi, te plait.

Belinda a dit…

Oh crap !! I can think of a few other expletives, but that one was the closets to scrap and one might just have "misread" it lol.
I hope that mess gets sorted quickly and I am so pleased you never paid yet. Wish it was me visiting. Love reading your blog when I have a moment and missing you like crazy. Kisses to those beautiful boys.

Valscrap - Démonstratrice Stampin'up France a dit…

oh là là je n'imaginais pas que c'était aussi décollé que ça quand tu m'en parlais !!!!! il faut vite que le patron vienne voir ça c'est pas normal
bon courage

4nne a dit…

Ah oui quand même !
Ils ont bien salopé le travail !!!
Je n'imaginait pas une telle horreur !!!

Katou a dit…

Waouhhh,what a beautiful wall paper.It's have a "certain" style.......hi,hi,hi.
I am glad you didn't pay yet.
You should ask a compensation for the delay.
Talk to you soon.