jeudi 6 mars 2008

Since Monday

I'm up early today as at last, wait for it................, the decorator has arrived to start work on my craft/spare bedroom. After accepting the quote in October to put up a new ceiling and decorate, it has taken this long for him to arrive, I hope it will be worth the wait. Here are two 'before' pictures and hopefully the 'after' ones can be done shortly! Of course, I then need to persuade Neil to take me to IKEA to buy shelving and a new table etc. and then persuade him to find time to build everything up, not easy with his schedule!

Tuesday night saw me miles into the country for Nathalie's Stampin'Up! party. Of course it had to be the only day this year that we've had snow and she lives up high, I was pretty nervous driving home afterwards that's for sure. There were 8 of us in all and we had a good laugh, Nathalie had made some delicious new recipes - a curried tuna quiche and an apple and cinammon cake were my favourites. Thanks again Nath if you're reading this and I hope you enjoy all your free Stampin'Up! goodies when they arrive next week.

Lastly, yesterday was Ryan's party with his friends for his birthday last week. There were 10 kids and we went bowling in Clermont, a stress free time was had by all and Ryan really enjoyed himself despite not managing to get a strike.

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4nne a dit…

J'espère pour toi que la réalisation sera plus rapide que l'attente !!!
mais je suis sûre que cela vaudra le coup : une pièce rien que pour toi et le scrap ! Quel pied !