lundi 7 avril 2008

Auverscrap 3

It's about time I posted a picture I think.
Saturday I spent all day in Romagnat at my first scrapbooking 'crop'. We made a mini album with a distinct spring flowery look. I've only shown you the front cover, I'll wait until the photos are glued in before I photograph the inside pages. I had to ask my friend Julie for some photos of her gorgeous girls as I don't think the boys would have liked to see themselves adorned with pink flowers and ribbons! We started at 9am. and finished up just after 6pm. It was hard going to listen to all the instructions in French and then try to keep up with the pace everyone was working at. The 'animatrice' was Sandra Charbonnel and she was very good at keeping everyone on track. There were about 20 of us there and we all brought something to share for lunch. Of course there was a table or two displaying lots of stamps, inks and embellishments, too tempting, had to succumb a little! Hopefully I'll be able to show you the rest of the album at the end of the week.

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Valscrap - Démonstratrice Stampin'up France a dit…

Ra là là, je confirme, tu en as vraiment de la chance !!!! :)
bisous et tres tres bon we a tres bientot