samedi 26 avril 2008

Yahoo, the sun is out!

No crafting pictures today, it was just too sunny to stay indoors. We had to go out for a walk along the river otherwise I'd have felt obliged to do some gardening! I took my new camera and had fun taking pictures of the boys on their bikes and Ryan trying to teach Greg how to 'skim stones'. The boys have had a week doing a rugby and multisports stage but didn't seem to mind another 2 hours of exercise. I was stopped in my tracks on the way home by a strange looking insect, it was about 10 cm. long, can anyone tell me what it is???????? I'm off now to play with some new stamps I got last week as there will be no time tomorrow. We're having lunch with some French friends and dinner (barbecue hopefully) with some Irish friends, sounds like a good Sunday to me!

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4nne a dit…

Une jolie balade immortalisée par tes belles photos : tu auras de quoi scrapper !!!