mercredi 14 mai 2008

Long time, no messages!

Apologies for the lack of messages, it's been a busy time since the 1st of May. My mother-in-law (Liz) was here on holiday and went home yesterday, much to her grandsons' disappointment. I said that her visit was a surprise for them both and above are the pictures taken when they saw her the afternoon she arrived.

The weather has been great, I think we ate lunch inside one day and the rest of the time it's been 'al fresco'. Liz always wants to do the odd job in the garden when she's here which I don't mind one bit, it looks much better and ready for the summer now. Gran changed one of their football goals into a rugby post which Ryan loves although the surrounding trees and plants are taking a bit of a beating. Water balloons have been popular (and noisy) in the garden over the weekend! We spent a day at the animal park in Cezallier last Friday with friends and had a picnic lunch.

So, you will have gathered that there hasn't been much time for card making! Last Tuesday we went to Ikea and filled the car up with furniture and shelves to fit out my new room. We arrived abck at 4pm and Liz got straight to work building it all up. The boys (or I should say Ryan as Greg was no help whatsoever) were bribed to help lift all my materials from the dining room upstairs to my new domain. I'm not finished arranging everything but the room is operational and I even finished a few cards Liz had asked me to make. Here are some photos although I'll take some better ones when everything is in it's place.

I think that's enough for this message. The boys are away to a fun park today called 'Le Pal' which is about 2 hours away. I have the whole day to myself and need to get organised for a Stampin'Up! atelier tomorrow morning at my friend Michaelas' house. There is of course housework to do but I'm going to satisfy my craft withdrawal symptons instead. A bientôt.

3 commentaires:

4nne a dit…

Wahou !!!
Mon rêve : une pièce pour moi toute seule avec des étagères partout et pleines de matos de scrap !!! LOL !
j'ai hâte de voir ta pièce en vrai !

Chris a dit…

Ta scraproom est super bien rangée !! mieux que celle d'Anne !! LOL Bises et à demain !

sophiebio a dit…

Super, tu as enfin ta pièce!!!! Elle est chouette! Va voir sur mon blog, un petit message t'y attend!