jeudi 1 mai 2008

Photos from last night.

Okay, here are a few pictures of last night's 'stamp-a-stack' party. We managed to make 80 cards (really - 80 cards) in just over 2 hours. Everyone seemed pleased with their results, and happy to be stocked up with cards for a month or so. We had a good laugh and spent another hour or so gossiping in the kitchen afterwards with some wine and some nibbles. I'm looking forward to the next one if anyone's volunteering to be hostess! I'd like to thank everyone who was there for being my guinea pigs for my first card evening and especially to Nicki who let us use her house.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Wish I was there !!! So nice to see everyone in the picture !! I would have loved the wine and treats and chatting afterwards !
Come to my house in PA and host a party !!!
Gros Bisous,

gaminezarbie a dit…

pourquoi en anglais ?
Clermont-Ferrand c'est en France?
Je passe sur Clermont de temps en temps, as-tu un planning des démonstrations que tu proposes ?