dimanche 15 juin 2008

Yesterday's match.

ASM played Dax yesterday and won 95-7 much to the boys' delight. I think I'll have to find some stronger face paint for the game on Saturday at Marseilles against Perpignan. Ryan and Greg are happy that the game is at Marseilles on Saturday and not Bordeaux on the Sunday as they have to miss Saturday morning school to go. Greg spent a few minutes learning the proper words to the official Jaune et Bleu 'hymn' in practice for next week as well as having a temporary tattoo of the ASM badge put on his arm. Going to Marseilles does mean a 12 hour return trip on a bus but they're already imagining how much Nintendo time their batteries will give them fully charged up!

The last photo shows the boys with Sam Pope, their babysitter, who is going to England for unversity after the summer. They're devastated but consoled by the fact that Sam's brother Ben is stepping up to the job vacancy.

Before I go I just want to say Happy Birthday to Belinda in South Africa, She's -- today and I had a good chat with her this morning. I miss the time we used to spend together when we lived near Beziers and wish we could have a coffee together and a good old natter. Belinda has a scrap shop now in Cape Town and there is a link to 'Let's talk Scrap' on the left side of this page. Belinda was like an aunty to Ryan and Greg and it's a shame that they don't see her now and that we don't know her daughter Kelly. That's life I suppose but it's sometimes sad when friends are apart.

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Laure a dit…

Tu vas aller à Marseille! Quelle chance! Moi je serai dans un bar quelconque! ou dehors s'il y a un écran géant à Clermont!

En espérant te revoir bientôt! Bises, Laure