jeudi 25 septembre 2008

Birthday Surprise.

Wow did I get a surprise on Tuesday evening. I had a phone call during the day to say that my name had been picked out to go to Paris on the 6th Nov. to help out at the Stampin'Up! promotional stand. Anne was picked as well so I was happy that we could travel together etc., I was busy relaying this information to my husband and instead of being happy for me he said 'I don't want you to go'. I was gobsmacked and upset that he couldn't get excited about it for me. I said 'why not' and he kept saying 'just because, you can't'. Before it escalated into a row he had to tell me that he'd booked me a holiday for that week - one week with my friend Angie in America! The photo shows Angie with her son David, Neil was in the States in April to organise some ASM things for a training camp and that's when they first started cooking up this plan.

It was Angie who got me hooked into making cards when she lived in Clermont 5 years ago and since she moved back to Greenville in South Carolina I've been dreaming about going for a holiday there but never actually dreaming that it would ever happen. There are a lot of old Clermont friends in Greenville so it promises to be a social week and great fun.

This is an early birthday present, I hate to think about it but I'll be 40 in December, yuk, this holiday will certainly soften the blow and I'm very grateful for it. Thanks Neil for making it happen.

4 commentaires:

Laure a dit…

Quel beau cadeau!
Et puis tu fais si jeune!
Bises et à bientôt, Laure

4nne a dit…

Je suis très très déçue que tu ne viennes pas avec moi à Paris !!!
mais je suis si contente pour toi : depuis le temps que tu rêvais d'aller voir ton amie Angie aux US !!
C'est génial !

Christelle a dit…

Tu fais effectivement toute jeune !!! je suis ravie pour toi : c'est vraiment un beau cadeau d'anniversaire...

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! a dit…

Veinarde !!!!!!! tant pis pr la crop... ça sera pr une autre fois !! des crops y'en a tout le temps mais ça : FAIS LE !!!!!!!! tu nous raconteras, j'attends les photos avec impatience