lundi 22 septembre 2008

Cards and candles in Randan.

Yesterday I spent the day in a village called Randan which is about half an hour from Pont-du-Chateau. I was there with about 20 others from the forum ScrapAuvergne. We were there to chat and eat as well as do some scrap projects. My 'ateliers' were, as expected, based on cards but I also showed the technique of stamping on candles which is always great fun. I used 2 stamp sets from the new catalogue which are easy to work with but produce stunning results.

Because I was running the card and candle ateliers I didn't get a chance to do Delf and Pandora's mini albums but they looked like super projects. Unfortunately there has been some problems with the technical side of the ScrapAuvergne forum today so I can't show you any photos of us all hard at work!

I forgot to give credit to Jenny from Stamping Moments, her blog is where I found the inspiration to use the 'sage shadow and chocolate chip' colours together, it works!

3 commentaires:

Christelle a dit…

J'adore la bougie...Comment fais-tu pour tamponner sur une bougie ronde ? Il faudra que tu me montres ça !

Michelle a dit…

I love your cards and candle. Chocolate Chip is one of the most versatile colours that Stampin' Up! sell as it goes with most of the other colours. I love it!

scrapador a dit…

Magnifiques réalisations !