lundi 8 septembre 2008

Trop trop mangé!

Yesterday we were invited by Seb to his family house in the country along with the other staff from ASM. I think there were 30 of us in total, 15 adults and 15 kids. I have never seen or eaten so much food.The photo is of the table laden with the cheese course and the 4 'pompe aux pommes' which had been hand prepared. We ate country paté and sausage made with potatoes and pork for starters then truffade and jambon with salad, delicious. Not exactly summer food (and certainly not for anybody on a diet) but then it was a few degrees cooler than in Pont-du-Chateau! The kids had a great time running about in the fields, picking blueberries and even milking cows and drinking the warm milk! No need for dinner when we got home, we had a great afternoon and were very well looked after and spoiled by Seb's family.

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4nne a dit…

Une bien belle journée !
So frenchie !