samedi 1 novembre 2008

Card orders finished, yippee!

I can't believe that I'm off to America tomorrow! I'm nearly finished packing my case, I have one full of goodies to take with me and then a little one with clothes in. I hope everything arrives safely and that the cards I'm taking don't get damaged, that would be awful after spending so much time on them. I copied a card made by Jenny (criss cross design), it was fun to make. The natural looking Christmas tree was a card made (and published on a website) by Anne. The link to the 'fiche technique' (in French) is here. This card was certainly a lot of work but I really enjoyed making it and it looks even better in real life. The purple and green one was from my own head!

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sophiebio a dit…

de superbes cartes encore une fois!
Profites bien de ton séjour aux US!!!!!

Bises Sophie