vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Today this is in English but 'tant pis' because I've had a cold this week and my head is too fuzzy to think hard about conjugaison and grammar! This afternoon I had 2 mums and 2 dads (and one of their daughters) making cards for Ryan's class to sell. They are raising funds for a trip to Paris in April. We managed to make 40 'Meilleurs Voeux' cards and 40 birthday/general cards in less than 3 hours, not bad going.

These are some of the French 'Meilleurs Voeux' cards I've received this month, the lollipop shaped one was from Vanou in Alsace. Delf, this would look good with your 'tart and tangy' set. The green one was from Murielle in Monton who was hostess of an atelier in December, I love what she did with scraps of Stampin'Up! paper which I left her. Lastly (and I'm sure some of you will recognise her style) is a card I received from Kate in Normandy. Her use of the 'Lovely as a tree' set of stamps has made me want to buy it.

Yesterday, even though I coughed and spluttered all the way through it, I had a Canadian friend here who wanted to make a special card for her daughter who had just got engaged. She brought a card someone had sent her which we used for our inspiration. I had one to make too for Neil's cousin who got engaged at Christmas. We used the Stampin'Up! vellum paper which is really thick as the base of the card but only realised after we finished them that they don't stand up properlly on their own, never mind!

4 commentaires:

steph63 a dit…

superbes!!!j'adore la carte avec le vellum!

bernie a dit…

vraiment très belles, et tu as fait travailler des hommes!!!!!!! waouhhhhh!!!

Line a dit…

des hommes au boulot!! bravo Moira!! t'as réussi à les faire travailler!!
c'est très beau ce que vous avez fait! Bises

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! a dit…

excellente la glace à moitié mangée !! j'adore !!!!!!!!! dis tu avais un homme en atelier !!! waoouuu c'est pas courant ça !!!