mardi 17 février 2009

Birthday card in February (Angie you're worse than me)!

Last week when I got back from Perpignan there were 2 cards waiting for me, one from America from Angie, lots of bling and sparkle together with a lovely top from a shop we visited in November. It looks quite small so I'm hoping it fits me. The other is from Kate which she sent with her payment for the ribbon share (which was her idea). Readers who watch my blog will recognise her style. She sent me pictures of some more she has made with some of the Sale A Bration sets, they're gorgeous as ever and I'll try to post the photos here tonight.
I'm hoping to go to Version Scrap in Paris in April (babysitter already booked, thanks Liz) and Kate may be able to go on the same day. It would be great to meet up after starting up this friendship and swapping of ideas solely through e-mails. I've also told her to bring some of her cards to give to me to sell in Clermont for her, there's so much work goes into them and I have lots of friends who'd likely be interested in buying them.
Check back later to see the photos.

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aline a dit…

J'adore la carte CELEBRATE!!!