samedi 7 février 2009

Photos from Catherine's party!

Last night we were at Catherine's for her heart themed party, what a great night we had. She'd decorated the house with hearts and the background music was only songs with the word heart in. With her daughter Emma, they'd prepared a 'heart' quiz and they had also choreographed a dance to a song for our entertainment.
The food was wonderful and she'd made a huge effort to use and buy local products. Here's the menu we had:
Foie gras on heart shaped gingerbread,
Local trout rillettes on heart shaped volcanic bread,
Endive, fourme d'ambert and walnut tarte tatin (chicory and creamy blue cheese) accompanied by a weightwatcher's salad made by Kathy.
This starter was absolutely delicious!
Home made vegtable curry (the veg fresh from the market that morning) and Camargue rice.
Heart shaped goat's cheese and other local cheeses.
Heart shaped carrot cake (you've guessed it, organic carrots).
I had to take a photo of Nicki's pyjamas and slippers and also Catherine and Emma in full flow. We had a lot of fun and I have a lot to keep up with as 3 of the girls are 'chez moi' tonight for a belated 'Burns supper'. We're having to borrow electric heaters as our heating is broken and won't be fixed until Monday.

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