samedi 21 mars 2009

Training in Lyon, Wed 18th.

On Wednesday we had a training day in Lyon (2 1/2 hours actually), Sophie drove Anne, Dorothée, Caroline and me in her car, I'm glad she did as we'd have been a bit squashed in my Micra! We had an obligatory pit stop on the way at IKEA in St.Etienne, thanks to Vanou but no-one really minded the excuse for a quick wander through the shop. We arrived at 16.30 and parked in a shopping centre which just happened to have a Haagen Das ice cream shop we had to test out, yummy! You see, (our excuse) we thought we weren't going to eat until at least 9.30 in the car on the way home, little did we know that there was a buffet laid on, lots of delicious things to nibble and even a glass of wine.

Here's Sophie starting on lunch on the way, she had to leave straight from work so had lunch in the car. It was a gorgeous sunny day by the way.

I got up early and made cupcakes for Val as it was her birthday the next day, she liked the surprise but not half as luch as her daughter Léa who proceded to eat about 4 of them, one after the other, I don't know how she wasn't sick. It was good to see Val and Audrey who I met at the first training we did in Lyon January '08.

A couple of photos of my downline démos, Anne, Sophie, Kristen and Dorothée in the first photo and Caroline in the green top on the second.

We had a great day, thanks again Sophie for driving, the make and take project we did will be shared with you all soon, it uses one of my favourite sets from the new mini catalogue which is out on 1st April.

2 commentaires:

sophiebio a dit…

Moira, je t'en veux d'avoir mis cette photo, pas mon meilleur profil!!!! lol
Superbe journée en effet, ça m'a fait du bien de passer du temps en votre compagnie! Bizzzzzzzzz

4nne a dit…

On est pas belles les filles, en train de trinquer ?? ah on bosse chez Stampin'Up!, y a pas de doute !!
Lol !
Moi aussi ça m'a fait un bien fout cet après-midi "filles" ! (tant pis pour Jérôme !!! lol !)