mercredi 15 avril 2009

Pizza boxes!

Yesterday I had ateliers for kids in the morning and in the afternoon. We carried on with the 'waterfall cards', the boys doing one with dinsoaurs and the girls choosing some more 'girly' themes. I told them we were going to make mini pizza boxes that they could use to keep things in, I didn't expect Jacob to literally make a pizza box in red and green with a card pizza and the Italian flag on it. It turned out that he'd just been to Italy on holiday and he loved his finished box. Sam's was more like the American flag. I had some American sweets or 'candy' which they were happy to put in the finished boxes.
I forgot to take photos of the afternoon atelier but the girls who were here made a great job of their projects too.
Better go and get ready for this afternoon's class.

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sophiebio a dit…

Génial de voir tout ce que ces petits peuvent bien faire! Bravo!