vendredi 8 mai 2009

Apple Fudge Cake

I'm using up Ghislaine's eggs while they're fresh! Today I used them to make an 'apple fudge cake', well, an 'apple and red fruits' fudge cake because I only had one apple in the fruit bowl! It's a new recipe so I was obliged to cut a slice and taste it wasn't I ???????? Delicious even though I say so myself, I found the recipe in a book by Rachel Allen.

En francais - une nouvelle recette pour un gâteau aux pommes et fruits rouge avec sauce caramel, c'est miam!

2 commentaires:

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! a dit…

hummmmmmmmmm ça donne envie !

sophiebio a dit…

tu l'as dit!!! miam!!!!!!!!!