vendredi 12 juin 2009

Okay, here starts a longish message with some photos taken in the last week which has been a busy one! That's why there hasn't been any action on this blog and why this is in English, much much quicker for me when time is precious!
This is a photo of what I've been doing this afternoon, getting ready for an atelier in Martres De Veyre tomorrow morning. Murielle from the association there asked me 2 months ago to find the tutorial for these 'milk cartons' (by Becky Roberts) and organise an atelier based around them. There are actually 4 milk cartons which can be filled with chocolates or other gifts, I've seen some doone with Christams stamps and they look great. The tutorial was bought here.
Now just a few words explaining the following pictures, they're in reverse chronological order!
Greg making meatballs for lunch on Wednesday, they were really good.

On Tuesday night I was hostess for a cooking atelier, we made raspberry macarons and it was interesting. Here's Martine after tasting them, her face says it all.

Here they are just out of the oven ready to be sandwiched with rasp jam!

It was Mother's Day here in France on Sunday and this was Ryan's present (although it's actually supposed to be for Father's Day too). I love it, it looks great in real life, the photo doesn't do it justice.

I suppose I have to put in a few pictures of last Saturday night even though I'd rather forget the result of this hour and a half of it! The atmosphere was amazing and Greg's favourite part was the fireworks at the end which were spectacular.
Just before the match with some of the other kids, they loved mucking about together and getting made up.

Our seats were right at the top of the stadium and the boys certainly made a lot of noise!

2 or 3 pictures of the walk we had on the Saturday afternoon before the match, our hotel wasn't far from the Arc De Triomph and we had a little dander up there, Ryan not being too interested after seeing it already with the school in April.

It's not my blog without a mention of food! These are the gorgeous cherries Ghislaine gave me last week, they're nearly finished and were delicious, I had planned various clafoutis etc. with them but they didn't last long enough with us all loving them. This afternoon someone gave me redcurrants and raspberries and I 'm going to make a desert which I tasted 15 years ago in Australia thanks to Loris, I hope it's as nice as I remember it. It involves the red berries and champagne and is caleld 'pink fizz', I'll take a photo and post it soon!

Ryan's school spectacle tonight so I'd better go and get organised.

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sophiebio a dit…

On comprend que tu aies été occupée ces derniers jours! Bises Sophie

Flo a dit…

je découvre aujourd'hui tes superbes photos de la finale !!!! çà remet dans l'ambiance et j'aime ça !!! dommage que l'on ait perdu ...

Bibiche a dit…

Je viens de faire un tour sur ton blog et je découvre des photos de moi en train de déguster les macarons ! super publicité pour l'atelier mais tout le monde va savoir que j'adore les macarons ! lol ! J'ai déjà essayé d'en faire mais j'ai des progrès à faire !!!
Merci Moira pour ces ateliers avec toi !