mardi 25 août 2009

Pictures of my 'clean and tidy' craft room!

Yes yes yes, it's finally done, I've been and gone and tidied my room. It was getting to be so embarassing bringing clients and friends in. I started last Friday and finished this afternoon (I spent about 2 to 3 hours each day on it). I'm not sure how long it will last but it certainly gives me a good clean start to my Autumn and Winter classes and the work for creating samples with stamps from the new catalogue. I'm going to work on decorating the white walls but I have to be careful as the walls are not great for screwing things on to.Check back soon for my agenda of dates for upcoming classes.

Above is the desk for my clients and my downline to come and be creative. I bet it doesn't look like this on Thursday night after a full afternoon of crafting by Muriel and co.

Stamps, inks and accessories.
' My desk' which I promise you hasn't been that clear for more than a year!

My ribbons were in a cardboard box and a jumbled mess until now!

I've had these filing systems from Ikea for a long time but now there are just colours in each pocket and they're all in the SU! colour families. I had no idea I had accumulated so much cardstock.

Kelly started me off last Friday with a ticket system we organised to class all my current sets of stamps. It's fantastic to be able to find the set I want easily! Only thing is, the current sets will change when the new catalogue comes out in October so guess what Kelly - your work's not finished yet!
Tomorrow I can play, yippee, now that I have a nice clean space to allow for creativity!

4 commentaires:

Gribouille a dit…

C'est super !!!

A quoi servent es couleurs qu tu as mis sur tes boites de tampons ? à les repérer je suppose; Mais comment les as-tu classés par couleur ?

Scrapzamours a dit…

super bien rangée ta scraproom !!! et comme Gribouille, j'ai remarqué les petits points de couleurs sur tes boites de tampons .... hihiiii
Flo (scrapauvergne)

valou a dit…

Bravo Moira, c'est tout clean !

Christine a dit…

bravo moira, c'est super !!! j'adore ta nouvelle organisation !!

bise christine