dimanche 13 septembre 2009

This morning I've been transported back to my childhood and my Gran's kitchen. I can remember picking rhubarb from her garden and then helping her roll out pastry to make rhubarb tarts. I was always allowed to play with the excess pastry trimmings and make my own mini tarts. Muriel gave me some rhubarb on Friday when she was here and I've been stewing it ready to make some crumbles for the freezer. This will be dessert for the 'I Wish' atelier with lunch on the 24th of this month. The smell of the rhubabrb stewing just brings back so many memories of being in my gran's kitchen with her.
Then from my own garden this morning I had lots of lovely cherry tomatoes ripe for picking. Up until now there's only be a few every day which I've shared with no-one, these ones I'll maybe share with the rest of the family! I bought the tomato plants too early for planting and they sat in their pots for about 5 weeks before I put them in the ground, I was sure they wouldn't produce much but I'm so glad they have. A friend of mine, Emily, who grows lots of veggies gave me a kilo of tomatoes the other day, all shapes, sizes and colours. I transformed them into a tomato salad with a Jamie Oliver recipe 'mothership tomato salad' it was to die for especially with Emily's really tasty tomatoes. Today I'm looking for recipes with Aubergines which another friend gave me this week, I'm so lucky to have friends with gardens full of produce!

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Anonyme a dit…

No luck with the rhubarb we planted in your garden - the 'grave' as Neil called it? Liz x