mardi 24 novembre 2009


What did I do with my prize money for being demonstrator of the year??????? A weekend in Disneyland for the family. It is of course the family who see less of me now that SU! has become a job, the boys have to do more for themselves (a good thing I think) and the food on the table is a little less exciting than it used to be but I don't think any harm is being done. Anyway, last weekend we had an unexpected weekend in Disneyland Paris, the weather was average but it didn't rain, it was good to get away for a break together and we went at the same time as our friends the 'Pochon' family. I have lots of photos of the Pochons and less of us because Neil and the boys were often on the scariest rides, I was happy to look after their youngest daughter Valentine and let the boys do their 'boy thing'. The boys ready to sleep on Friday night. Valentine insisted that Neil go on the 'teacups' with her, she was beaming from ear to ear, she loves Neil for some reason!
The 3 amigos using their brains waiting on dinner arriving!

Dad and Greg.

Cheesy photo taken just to prove that I was actually there!


Les Pochons sans Pierre.Neil and Greg actually did this ride, scared me stupid! The elevator starts at the top and drops to the bottom, listening to the screams was enough for me.Obligatory photos with Mickey and Pluto!

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