mardi 24 novembre 2009

The first European SU! convention.

Well where do I start with this message????????? What a weekend, unforgettable even although it already seems like a lifetime ago! Here's my case packed up and ready with my swaps. I didn't manage to get as many done as I hoped but I know to be better prepared next year!

I made about 30 cards with the 'medallion' background stamp and the baby wipe technique, I so love this stamp and the teal and blue colours of ink I used. I then changed it to use with our new white craft ink on 'divine aubergine' cardstock. I highlighted the dots on the stamped image with Crystal Effects, it's a small quck step to do but very effective, I'm on my second bottle of Crystal Effects already as I use it so much. I made some tree decorations with a model I found on splitcoaststampers and of course a chosen few were destined to receive some home baked goodies, little sachets of coconut and chocolate truffles in our small cellophane bags (Jenny I haven't forgotten the recipe for you).
Okay, with my case carefully packed so as not to squash the cards or the truffles, I met Vanou at the the airport in Strasbourg and we travelled to Frankfurt on the Thursday night with Marithé and Marielle. We found our hotel which was a few steps away from the Conference centre where the Convention was held. We then picked up my friend Angie and went to sample the local flammekuche, delicious, we had such a laugh (as you can see) in the restaurant getting to know each other. Everyone found Angie's choice of 'flammekuche with spinach' hilarious as a comination, but it was tasy!

Right, I'm off to pinch some more of Vanou's photos to show you more of what happened. In case you are wondering, I took hardly any photos because my camera doesn't take pictures well indoors (could of course be the camera operator), Vanou being a professional photographer said I could use hers.

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