mardi 1 décembre 2009

Help from the boys and thanks to Murielle!

This weekend I had to enlist the help of Ryan and Greg to get some of my Stampin'Up! orders ready before clients arrived on Saturday afternoon to collect them! Ryan opened the box and checked the contents and Greg wrote out names on the carrier bags. I was busy early Saturday morning at an atelier with Murielle's association in Martres de Veyres but I knew that just after I was home there were 2 customers calling and the boys did a great job!

When the atelier was finished on Saturday Murielle gave me this card filled with Ferrero Rochers as a thank you, it just so happens that they are the boys favourite chocolates so that can be their reward for helping me out although I'm loathe to open the packaging because it looks so good!

4 commentaires:

sophiebio a dit…

dis donc, tu es une vrai esclavagiste!!! lol A moins que tes garçons soient des amours, j'opte pour la 2e solution!!!! Bises

Anonyme a dit…

Well done Ryan & Greg - Santa WILL be good to you this year!!!
Gran xx

valou a dit…

Hi ! Hi! bien vu le com de Sophie !
Ils sont vraiment sympas tes garçons!!

valou a dit…

Hi!Hi!bien vu le commentaire de Sophie ! Ils sont extras tes garçons !!!!!