jeudi 17 décembre 2009

Presents and mince pies!

What more could a girl want?
Thanks to Marie from ScrapAuvergne for her Christmas swap, the decoration is already on the tree, the card is on display and the box has been opened and 2 or 3 yummy chocolates eaten! I love the chocolate and green colour that Marie used.
Vally, your swap is 'chez Nif', hope you like it!
And here are the mince pies that I made today, tasty even though I cheated and used shop bought puff pastry instead of making my own. I did make the mincemeat though as it's not exactly something you can get hold of easily in France. They were warm out of the oven and dusted with icing sugar before I served them to French friends who found them delicious (well that's what they said to my face anyway)!

2 commentaires:

Laëtitia a dit…

I really love the mince pies, do you have a recipe for this?! Thanks.
Have a good Christmas. Laëtitia.

4nne a dit…

je peux t'assurer que j'ai adoré tes mince pies !!
D'ailleurs, tu as dû le remarquer : j'ai failli tout manger !!!LOL !
bises à tout de suite !