mardi 5 janvier 2010

5th Jan

Phew, 11.30, just made it in time for my daily deadline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've seen a few variations of this card this winter and I had to have a go at it. It is one of my favourites even although it is very simple and only one layer. We made this at my atelier yesterday in ruby red and in old olive which looked good also. I think the hand drawn line around the border adds something and for some extra texture you can layer up some of the circle or star baubles or add some sparkle with glitter.

The postman also brought me a belated birthday card and present from Val today, merciiiiiiii. The card is pictured better on her blog with details of where she got her inspiration, the little box was filled with thank you cards, if I hadn't read your blog at 7am. this morning I'd have been really surprised but, never mind, I loved it anyway!

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sophiebio a dit…

j'adore la carte avec les masks, ça rend trop bien!!!!! Bisous Sophie