mardi 12 janvier 2010

Jamie's roasted vegetables for Christmas.

I enjoyed watching the 'Jamie's family Christmas' programmes in December and thought his roasted vegeteables looked delicious! I couldn't find the beets that he used but this was my attempt at his marinated veg before they went in the oven. It was a bit of work to par-boil then marinate each veg differently but the result was so so yummy!!!! Certainly an idea I'll use at other times of the year. I took half of these to Michaela's for Christams day then we had the other half with friends at our house on the 26th. Here's the link to the recipe and a picture of what the veggies looked like after cooking!

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Stamping Moments a dit…

Looks brilliant,

He was so funny with the chilli!!!!

Loved his decorated home as well.

Jenny x