dimanche 24 janvier 2010

Jan 24th

Well, back to normal again after the trip to Lyon. I need to catch up on the 2 days I missed posting cards here, I'll do that this week!

On Friday night at Val's we were all talking about our favourite SU! sets and I have to admit that the 'Pocket Silhouettes' set is one of my favourites. For this card I took inspiration from the new cushion covers and throws I bought while shopping on Friday afternoon en route to Lyon. I used the rubber left after mounting one of the SAB sets as a template to draw around with a white gel pen. Check out the shapes left when you've mounted your sets because sometimes they can be useful to keep in the box, just peel the rubber layer off the sticky 3D layer.
Anyway, hopefully this card post will keep Muriel happy, she checks up on me until midnight to make sure I am keeping up with my resolution for this month of cardmaking!

3 commentaires:

sophiebio a dit…

j'adore!!! je sens que je vais te piquer l'idée! Mais je pense que je tamponnerai simplement le motif avec de l'encre craft.. A voir!

les bijoux de Julie a dit…

Super joli ! j'adore aussi !

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! a dit…

ho là là j'adore!!!!!!!!