vendredi 12 février 2010

Carte de Marithé

I told you I should have kept some things back, no news from me for more than a week. Last weekend was busy with an atelier on the Saturday and the cinema, restaurant and rugby in the afternoon. this week I've had a bit of a cold, nothing serious but no spare energy for blogging. The boys have been home today because the schools here were closed due to the snow, it's freezing cold too, bbbrrrrr!
Anyway this is a little card that one of my downline sent last week, she was sending a cheque for an old set of stamps she bought from me and kindly sent me a bonus card, thanks Marithé, it's so cute!
I'm just about to start sorting out craft things that I have in my room (lots and lots and lots) that I don't have time to use anymore, I'll post the pictures here over the next few weeks, I need more space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!