dimanche 25 avril 2010


Just a few photos which have nothing to do with crafting!
Firstly, to check Muriel's English is still okay, a photo of the glycine for Pierre. I hope you are feeling back to normal soon.

Granny Liz went home this evening, we'll miss her company. A year is a long time between visits but luckily we'll be back in Jedburgh in the summer. Amazingly there was one photo when both of the boys were normal in front of the camera although I'm not sure about Ryan's wide grin! I think this was the 5th attempt.

We went to Center Parcs last weekend, I'll remember it as the holiday where we bought Ryan some trainers which are now bigger than mine!!!!!!!!! He has a long way to match his Dad's big feet though!
Here's the pair of them, after choosing their bikes for the weekend. We were lucky to have perfect weather and our break was very relaxing.

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