mercredi 12 février 2014

Carte dans une boite.

J'avoue que je n'étais pas fan de ces cartes jusqu'à j'ai vu une exemple en vrai chez Anne. Ça sera mon projet pour mon club vendredi mais peut-être avec des cœurs vu la date! 

Il fait beau en Auvergne aujourd'hui donc Greg et Inoké profitent du jardin. 

3 commentaires:

Kate a dit…

I actually rather like this Moira and am intrigued to see how it works. Inoke looks like one gorgeous lump of dog too!!!

Schmidts in Europe a dit…

Wow I am so behind on your blog I had to check out the lst 4 posts!! Yes i like that embossed natural card too and what you made with it.
Those simple cards made with the Birthday wishes on them are lovely and while we're on that date tomorrow is D day for having a tidy craft room.
And finally that box card looks awesome - did Anne actually make that one.. or you?
PS tell Greg i love his hair cut!!

Moira a dit…

Hi Kelly, I know it's D day tmrw!!!!!!! Yikes!!!! I made that one after I saw one at Anne's, I hadn't liked the look on the computer but in real it's cool. Monica has the tutorial on her blog, I'll add the link for that tomorrow.I miss Greg's long hair, sniff! xxx