mercredi 20 février 2008

2nd week of competition.

I think I'm allowed to upload this photo of my second page for the FaNathiquement scrap competition. The journalling is a special poem written by a distant aunt in Australia, Loris, after her hsuband died. She wanted to write about how she was so touched by the friends and relations who were such a help to her after Pat passed away. I have included a French translation, kindly done by my friend Julie. I hope you can read the English version on the page, if not, click on the picture you should get an enlarged version. The competition has certainly been a good way to force me to try scrapbooking instead of card making but I'm keen to get back to my cards today!

Il y a des toiles d'arraignées dans ma vie, Pas les grises verdâtres dégoutantes, mais celles, exquises, brillantes argentée, Qui tissent de très fin fils entre les amis, Qui lient nos vies avec de bons souvenirs, des jours ensoleilles, gais, et la joie d'être ensemble. Des toiles d'araignées qui s'étendent au-delà des jours, Mais qui restent d'une génération à l'autre. Les toiles d'araignées peuvent être de la joie pure dans le coffre à trésor de notre mémoire.

3 commentaires:

Nathalie a dit…

This page is really fabulous, Moira. I think you have all chances to win the competition with it. Good luck!!!
See you soon!
Nathalie de Peslières

4nne a dit…

Cette page est réellement très émouvante... Je crois que tu as réussi les challenge !!!
En vrai, elle est encore plus belle !!!

PA Lady a dit…

You have such a natural talent for cards that the transition to scrapbooking looks so easy !
All the best in the competition but please know that if you don't win...they are crazy !!!
Your biggest card fan... Colleen