samedi 16 février 2008


Most of you know that I like making cards and have not really ventured into scrapbooking as yet. I decided that I had to force myself towards experimenting with scrap pages and entered a competition on the forum FaNathiquement Scrap. It lasts for all of February and has a different theme each week - the first being 'expression du corps'. The page shows Neil well and truly 'fatigué' (and filthy) at the end of a rugby game.I think they were giving me a chance with this page as I made it through to the next round and have to produce a page around 'expression écrit'! Needless to say I haven't started yet so must go and do so now! Have a good weekend.

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4nne a dit…

Tu ne me l'as pas montré celle-là ???
Lundi, tu n'y manqueras pas !!!