mercredi 27 février 2008

More presents

The brown card is what Anne gave me when she came for lunch on Monday. It's hard to see in the photo but the flower panel shimmers and is glazed. In the bottom right hand corner a circle has been punched out and when the card is closed you can see the word 'merci' stamped in white. The 'But I need it....' picture is a little gift box I made for VAL . I have waited for these Hanna stamps for a long time and the box was my first creation with them. I used a technique called paper piecing which is 'time consuming' but I like the result it gives you.
No boys at the house today so perhaps I'll have time for some stamping. It's Ryan's 9th birthday tomorrow and he's ordered a homemade lemon tart instead of a birthday cake so I'll need to have a visit to the shops at some time, the fridge is bare again!

5 commentaires:

4nne a dit…

Ta petite boite est fabuleuse... c'est vrai que tu as dû y passer du temps... mais cela valait le coup !!!

Julie a dit…

I think that when you will read this comment, you couldn't believe it ! Julie speak english (you're right, it's more difficult to write than to speak !!!)
The cart with the women who say "I realy need it", I don't know why, but I can understand her...

valscrap a dit…

Waouuuuuuuuuuuu ta bannière est enfin arrivée !!! ça vallait le coup d'attendre elle est géniale

valscrap a dit…

je vois que ta leçon sur les liens a bien été apprise !!! ça marche !!! bRAvo ;o)
bonne soirée

Rianame a dit…

ore l'humour de la première carte : "Mais si, j'en ai besoin !" lol lol
On n'est pas des nanas pour rien !