mardi 25 mars 2008

Easter - not just for kids!

This year it wasn't just Ryan and Greg who were spolied at Easter, me too! Severine made me a little 'ballotine' of chocolate eggs when I visited her on Sunday afternoon to deliver her Stampin'Up! order. Sev makes gorgeous cards, lots of sewing on them, I'm jealous as I can't sew and don't have a machine to learn on. To think that my sister has a brand new, never used (and never likely to be used) sewing machine in her attic in Scotland. Next time we're over with the car.............maybe!
At Nicki's house on Sunday everyone had a little package at the table, the girls had Cadbury's cream eggs and a little candle. The egg was good, I've just this minute finished it!
I'm off to the Tuesday scrap association meeting to put my photo prolongation into a frame. I'll try to post a photo later.

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mel63 a dit…

hum j'en veux des chocolats moi lol