mercredi 26 mars 2008

Great Ocean Road

At last it's finished! When Anne told us we were going to do a photo prolongation on canvas at the scrap association and showed us her example, I thought, I'll never be able to do that! After arriving with the wrong type of photo the first week I then decided on this one taken a long time ago on an Austalian holiday. I used Stampin'Up! watercolour wonder crayons to make the background and 'papier de soie' for the waves to give a bit of dimension. It was great fun to do and I'm now wondering where to put it in the house and which other photos I can use this technique on.
Muriel from the scrap association was complaining on Tuesday that I hadn't put any new cards on my blog for a while. So here you go Muriel, this is one I've been preparing to teach at an atelier next week. It's very simple and quick to do but I like it's simplicity. The stamp set used is a hostess set 'du fond du coeur' which unfortunately you can't buy, so ............. who wants to host a party?

4 commentaires:

Christelle des ateliers du mardi a dit…

Ta prolongation de photo est vraiment superbe...Et la carte que tu as préparée pour cet atelier est bien jolie également !

4nne a dit…

J'avoue que sur ce coup-là, vous m'avez toutes épatée à l'atelier !!!
Et je suis encore plus contente quand je t'entend dire que tu veux recommencer !!!

Valscrap - Démonstratrice Stampin'up France a dit…

c'est vraiment magnifique, en plus avec une telle photo, ça ne pouvait pas mieux tomber
Bravo Moira, c'est superbe

yvonne a dit…

oh wow, the great ocean road is fabulous!! Stunning!