vendredi 23 mai 2008

Busy week again.

Not much blogging time this week I'm afraid. On Tuesday night I did a Stampin'Up! party in Chateaugay at Aline's house. We had a great time and managed to polish off a nice Black Forest gateau after finishing our cards. Thanks again Aline and I'm glad your order arrived so quickly, you can now play this weekend! I've heard the weather forecast is bad!

Thursday morning I had Nicki, Laurie and Collette making cards at the house. I love it when Laurie comes as she always has some new and different ideas. She used the Stampin'Up! watercolour wonder crayons to colour in the magnolias on her card. Nicki needed a graduation card for her son (the favourite babysitter of our boys), and Collette was making a personal card for her husband.

In the afternoon, another French friend came to visit and after coming here for 6 months and making hundreds of cards, she's decided to become a stampin'Up! demonstrator. I'm really pleased as I'll be her 'marraine' (hope I've spelt that correctly). With Anne and Fabienne, I now have 3 recruits, we're already planning a weekend in September together to share ideas and create some masterpieces. Anne has 2 recruits from Bretagne and they want to spend a weekend in the Auvergne also.

We have visitors from Scotland until tomorrow, they're off to watch ASM play Brive tonight, I'm not as it's the school concert which unfortunately I couldn't get out of. They'd better sing good!

Have a good weekend.

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