samedi 24 mai 2008

Hand made album.

Today I have some pictures of an album I made (yes, really, I made this myself) at Anne's scrap association at Lempdes last Tuesday afternoon. We started off with our bits of cardboard and material and walked out with the finished thing after Anne's expert guidance! She's looking for new students from September and places are limited so get in touch via her blog if you want to join up. I've wasted half an hour trying to turn the 'inside' photo the right way round but I can't, sorry.
As usual, I'm behind in actually printing off photos to go in the album but I had great fun learning how to do this.
I have been making cards this week but they've been for my friend Michaela's 40th so I can't show you them yet.
The 'chorale' that I wasn't really looking forward to last night turned out to be really enjoyable. All the songs were on an African theme and the kids certainly looked like they were having fun. Late night though and quite difficult to get the kids up for school this morning!
Miserable weather today, but, that's okay as it gives me a good excuse to hide away in the craft room!

5 commentaires:

Delf a dit…

super travail ! beau résultat

Christelle des ateliers du mardi a dit…

Il est superbe : félicitations ! c'est bien dommage que je ne puisse plus venir enfin c'est comme ça... A bientôt,

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! a dit…

Il est magnifique. Bonne fete des meres

Chris a dit…

Bonne fête des Maman Moire !! je ne comprends toujours rien à l'anglais mais d'après les photos, c'est très beau ! Bisous

4nne a dit…

Beau travail ! Lol !