mardi 3 juin 2008

Happy Birthday Michaela!!!

In case anyone hasn't noticed it's Michaela's 40th birthday (yes really, I know she doesn't look it) today. Tuesday morning's coffee and biscuits was replaced with 'capuccino cake and champagne'. Her son Daniel who is 3 loved the cake slice which plays the tune of 'Happy Birthday'. We even showed the French women how to make 'Bucks Fizz'. I'm glad her birthday is here, at least I don't have to make any more 40th birthday cards for a while! We bought her some vouchers for the local beautician she uses so she can be pampered a bit more. I think her husband is taking her out for lunch today and just to carry on her celebrations the coffee lot are going out to lunch also.
If anyone local to Clermont is reading this (and can read English of course) there is an exposition on in Lempdes this week of Anne's scrap association. It's in the hall next to the Mairie and Anne has set up a display of all our work since last September. I'll be there this afternoon and on Friday afternoon.
Better go and get ready to go out to lunch, it's a hard week this week with so many social engagements!!!! Bon apetite!

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