lundi 2 juin 2008

Nearly 40!

It's my Irish friend Michaela's 40th birthday tomorrow, we celebrated it in style and lots of noise (15 femmes) on Saturday night. The photo shows her opening her present which we clubbed together to buy, vouchers for treatments at the Sofitel Spa in Vichy. She loved the vouchers but was more impressed with the babysitting offer which went along with it!
We ate in Le Grange pizzeria in Pont-du-Chateau then crossed the road to dance the night away in the nightclub L'Aquarius. The music left a bit to be desired but we all had good fun, now know what it's like inside and probably won't rush back. I shouldn't speak for everybody though!
Michaela and I have coffee (and free French lessons) with 6 French women on Tuesday mornings, as tomorrow's is Michaela's actual birthday we're going to have it at her house with champagne and cake (which I'm supposed to be making this afternoon).
Yesterday we had 2 French families for a bbq lunch, not the best idea after only getting to bed at 3am! I can't believe it's June already and we have a crazy month planned with one thing and another, the summer holidays will be here before we know where we are.
I need to post a message soon with the Stampin'Up! offers for June, there are 3 of them and I'd like to base a few classes around them. Watch this space. Byeeeeee

2 commentaires:

nat a dit…

Tes cartes sont magnifiques ! j'adore ;-)

Jacqueline TrésBella a dit…


J'adore votre "blog". Je suis de Alabama dans les Etats-Unis. Je vais etre en France dans deux semaines. Pardon mon francais, je ne pratique pas beaucoup, mas Francais I que Francais II. Vos cartes sont manifiques. Je suis aussi une consultrice (?) de "Stampin Up" J'aime leurs "stamps", quel est le mot pour "stamps" en francais? Eh bien, Au Revoir!