lundi 6 octobre 2008

Card from Kate

I was just about to head out the door to do some food shopping (fridge and cupboards bare again) when the postie came by with another present for me. Kate in Normandy sent me a stamping magasine which I'll look at later with one of her cards tucked inside. I love it and had to publish the photo straight away, it's a gorgeous celery colour although the light outside doesn't show it off too well. I'm sure I'll recycle it to use as a birthday card for one of my family and pass the pleasure of receiving a hand made card on again. Thanks Kate.

3 commentaires:

nat a dit…

Ohhh ! Moira ,c'est magnifique !

nat a dit…

j'ai été paresseuse , j'ai juste regardé les cartes et je n'ai pas lu ce que tu avais écris :-)))
félicitations à ton amie .

virginie a dit…

elle est trop belle !!!!!!!!!!