lundi 6 octobre 2008

Un Cadeau pour moi!

Yesterday I did a Stampin'Up! atelier in Chateaugay 'chez Delf' (she's in the grey t-shirt). Before I even had time to give her her hostess gift she presented me with a cute little material bag. It will certainly be useful as it's a perfect size and rigid enough to sit on the table for the scrap pieces of card you end up with when you're crafting. I love it, very autumnal colours also! There is a link to Delf's new blog 'couture' on the left hand side. I'm envious of people who can sew!

Anyway, there were 8 of us and we had a good afternoon trying out the same emboss resist technique I taught at Sophie's atelier the other week with all the stampin'Up! inks and stamps. The Stampin'Up! embossing powder is very fine and great for embossing detailed images. When the stamping was done there was lots of yummy home made things to eat (chocolate eclairs, myrtille brioche, shortbread and cake). Well............ we were hungry after all that work and talking.

2 commentaires:

Delf a dit…

j'ai mis tout ton commentaire dans un traducteur, et c'est bon j'ai tout compris!
Ce fut un plaisir de te confectionner un petit cadeau
Merci pour cette après midi super!

aline a dit…

Une super apres midi comme à chaque fois.
Bien pratique ton cadeaux!
Merci encore pour tout.