mardi 20 octobre 2009

4ième message aujourd'hui!

Halloween come early!
Each year I do a Halloween lunch for Ryan and Greg and 5 of their friends. They all made a place mat with some Halloween sets and I prepared bags of sweets and chocolate. Their favourite game is 'dooking for apples' and they usually end up soaked, especially Greg. Emma wrote out the menu on her place mat, we had;
hot camembert with baguette / le sang des phantoms
spaghette bolognese / les veins des sorcières, sang des morts vivants et crottes des chats
praline tart and truffles / tarte aux sang des sorcières et crottes des dragons.

3 commentaires:

4nne a dit…

Hum ! super appétissant ce repas ! lol !

les bijoux de Julie a dit…

Merci encore, les enfants étaient super content comme toujours !

Anonyme a dit…

Looks like they're all having a ball!! Well done Mum!! Liz x