mardi 20 octobre 2009

Cheeky grins and Ryan getting some practice in!

Now and again it's good for the family and friends in Scotland to see something other than cards. These are a few pictures from a 'touch rugby' day the guys did a few Sundays ago. Ryan was allowed to play in his Dad's team for the first time and he was chuffed to bits, after the game he just kicked and kicked and kicked the ball until it was time to go home! Greg just had fun playing with his pals and looking after the wee ones.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Greg SO suits his hair like that !! ......and Ryan looks as though he knows what he is about 'watch this space'!! Liz x

aline a dit…

Genial les photos!!

il joue dejà dans la "cours des grands"!!!

bizz et bon salon