lundi 7 décembre 2009

Christmas present for my Mum.

Recently I had to send my Mum a thank you card for something, easy for someone who makes cards you might think no? Well, because I was (and you can take your pick) -
a) lazy
b) run off my feet
c) unorganised
d) trying to help sell some cards for a friend of mine
I decide to buy a thank you card from Kate in Normandy, she had given me a box full of her cards to try and sell in Clermont.
When my Mum received Kate's card she was delighted with it and even phoned to say how much she loved it, she has never phoned to specially thank me when I've sent one of my creations!!! Instead of sulking about it I decided that for Christmas I'd ask Kate to make her a box of cards for different occasions and that box arrived today, she's going to love them. My Mum is the hardest person in the world to buy a present for her and I'm so chuffed that she'll have something useful this year and not just a boring cheque as usual.
So Kate, thanks a lot for helping out with my Christmas present dilemmas, the cards and the hand made box are beautiful!

I am going to keep the horse one out as a girl I know who loves horses has a birthday in January and she will love that card, I'll replace it with one of mine in the box and see if my Mum notices!

2 commentaires:

Charléa a dit…

Je ne comprends pas ce que tu as écrit mais ces cartes sont superbes !
A bientôt

Kti, alias Catia a dit…

Wonderful Cards, elles sont simple mais toujours avec un superbe détail!

Bravo Arrière grand maman ! ;o)