mercredi 9 décembre 2009

Decorated art journals.

Yesterday was my club day at the house and the ladies all decorated the little art journals that Stampin'Up! sell. Some were destined for Christmas presents and some liked them too much to give them away and wanted them for personal use. Shelli Gardiner presented the journal at the Convention in November decorated in 'Bella Blue' designer paper, I loved what she did with it.

So, here is Muriel's book (Muriel and I 'cased' or copied Shelli's book) We added a butterfly stamped on 'papier fenêtre' which is difficult to see. I have wasted 5 minutes trying to turn this phot around but can't so you'll just have to turn your heads around a little bit!

This is Isabelle's journal, she used some of last years papers and her 'signature' circle punches to add her embellishments.

Jessica went for a chic olive and black look, the black embossed paper looked gorgeous and she added some to the back page too.

Lastly, Kelly wanted to make a book she could use for friends to write messages in if and when she moves on from Clermont (I would say boo hoo here but this is Kelly with the 57km walk idea). Only joking Kelly, your book looked great in your favourite purple tones.

Frederique and Chantal wouldn't let me photograph theirs because they weren't totally finished.
We had a good day but I was pretty whacked after the walk as Isabelle and Muriel pointed out several times, thank you girls! Testimony to that is that my book didn't get finished either, I kept making silly mistakes! Today my legs feel back to normal and I don't need to hold on to the banister to get down the stairs anymore. When Kelly arrived at the club meeting yesterday she'd just finished a 8km walk with some friends, I don't know how she does it.
Tasha, if you're reading this I kept a book aside for you to decorate when you have time.

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Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! a dit…

superbes ;)
c'est vrai qu'on avait toutes craqué sur l'exemplaire de Shelli à la convention.

nelly a dit…

C'est superbe Moira !!!!