vendredi 1 janvier 2010

Crafty New Year's resolutions!

I decided that this year my New Year's resolutions were going to be based around my craft room so here goes :

1. - Tidy up the room so that you can at least see the floor and the red rug that is on it.

2. - Sort out and re-code my SU! stamp sets (Kelly's help requested and repaid with lunch).

3. - Use more of my sets that have never or not been inked up.

4. - Get a list of my ateliers on my blog at the beginning of each month instead of at the last minute.

5. - Find time to make more cards just for the pleasure of it.

6. - This one is a big one - for the month of January post on my blog at least one card a day which is a result of resolution no. 5.

Think that's enough to be going on with so check back tonight to see my January atelier dates and the card that I made this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year, hope it's full of good things for each and everyone of you. Thank you so much for continuing to keep up with my blog, I love to read your comments so if you have time keep them coming, they are very much appreciated.

3 commentaires:

sophiebio a dit…

je te souhaite d'arriver à tenir toutes ces résolutions, et ça a l'air bien parti!!! Bises et bonne année!!!!!!!!!

4nne a dit…

C'est vrai que tu as l'ai bien partie !...
Tiendras-tu toutes tes résolutions ? Je te le souhaite !!!

Moira a dit…

On va voir si j'ai le courage de les tenir!!!!!!!!! Déjà hier j'ai oublié la carte et c'était vite fait à 20h!