samedi 9 janvier 2010

Kilts for a school project on 'Ecosse'.

This photo is for Liz who managed to find and post 3 kilts to us in time for Ryan, Louis and Yohan's school project they presented on Friday. This was them at their dress rehearsal the night before, they could hardly stop giggling long enough for me to take a photo! It was the same yesterday when I helped get them ready to go in front of the class ( they did wear knee length black socks yesterday). Anyway, hats off to them, they did it and sang 'Flower of Scotland' with backing music then passed out home made shortbread to their classmates and the teacher, och well, maybe a bit of bribery will help their 'note' for the project!

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Big 'Well dones' to all was well worth my efforts! They look pretty good too! Thanks Moira - Liz xx

David a dit…

It seems all three enjoyed themselves, and they look great in the kilts.

Well done, and if they would care to find out more about kilts have them visit my site at

Kind Regards,